How to use the Chicago Essay Citation: Your Academic Guide Chicago style of writing presents basic rules of writing, formatting and citing in the essay. Chicago essay citation regulates two documentation systems: notes and bibliography and author-date system. You should choose one of these systems according to the nature of cited sources and subject matter. We are going to talk about both of them in order to make your choice clearly motivated and totally right.

Scholars of the humanities, including those of history, the arts and literature, prefer the notes and bibliography style. This style presents information in notes bibliographically. It can accommodate various sources including those that are not appropriate for the author-date system.

Chicago Essay Style

The author-date system has been used for natural, physical and social sciences for a long time. This system provides brief citation of the source in the text, usually in parentheses. The sources are cited by author’s surname and the date of publication. The full bibliographic information is provided in the list of reference together with short citations amplified there. Aside from using parenthetical references versus the notes in the text, these two systems in Chicago essays share a similar style.

For example: There are many reasons for mammals digestion problems (Ogilvie 1993, 46-48). In the reference section, we will find the following information: Ogilvie, Andrew H. 1993. Large Animal Medicine. Baltimore, MD: Williams and Wilkins.

  • The journal information is cited the following way :
  • Gastrointestinal disorders are often misdiagnosed (Thompson and Morgan 1997, 246).
  • Morgan and Thompson (1997, 246) declare that gastrointestinal disorders are often misdiagnosed.
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  • General Formatting Rules
  • Margins should be between 1- 1 inch on all sides. Not less or more.
  • The whole essay should be double-spaced. No extra blank lines between the paragraphs.
  • The notes should contain single-space between the lines.
  • Every first line of the paragraph should be indented to the left for one inch.
  • Times New Roman and Palatino are allowed font types to use.
  • 12-pt is preferable font size for all the essay parts, except footnotes, where the size should be 10-pt.
  • Page numbers are placed flush right a half-inch from the upper edge of the paper.
  • Use Arabic numbers without spelling them and proceeding with the word page.
  • Don’t number the title page. Page 1 is the page where the text starts.

Chicago format takes a minimalist approach to the capitalization of the words. That’s why the terms that are used for description are lowercased in most cases, except the usage of proper nouns.

Example of Chicago Essay Style

Example of Chicago essay style works includes a title page, as a rule. It is the very first page of your work. The title should be centered to a third of the way down the page. Several lines below it contain your name and information about your educational establishment and class. If you need to apply subtitles, end your title with a colon and then place the subtitle one line below. Thesis and dissertation title pages require different types of formatting. Usually the title is about 7-15 words long.

Title Page Format

The title page is followed by the body of the essay. It can be just an ordinary text divided into paragraphs or the text divided into sections. If your work is of the second example it is better to use subheadings to make information perceiving easier. Chicago style gives the writer a chance to devise own format, but it privileges consistency. In case of subheads usages put one extra line space before and after it, and don’t end the subheads in periods in any case.

Writing Format Emphasis

If you want to emphasize something in the body of the essay you can use italic type of formatting. Avoid using it frequently, try to emphasize with the help of sentence structure. Never write the word in all capitals, as it turns your essay paper into informal piece of paper. If you use italics for the emphasis within a quotation you should inform the reader that there was no italicizing in the text source initially. Use the phrase italics added, emphasis added in the note or in the parenthesis that follows the quotation in the text.

To Summarize

At the end of every page or of the paper in general you can find footnotes. They are called so as they appear at the foot of the page. Chicago also provides a function of the endnotes, which appear at the end of each chapter or paper. Most writers prefer to use footnotes, however endnotes may come in handy when footnotes take too much space and extend the page to which they refer. In some cases it is possible to apply combination of footnotes and endnotes.

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