A Peek into the Conditions at Community Colleges


A Peek into the Conditions at Community Colleges

Challenges Faced by Students in Community Colleges

Success the drive of any man. Everybody dreams of becoming a successful one day. Just because you attend a community college does not buy college papers mean that you do not deserve the right to dream. Situations are tricky. You might have the best results but due to unforeseen circumstances, you end up in the community. Even though you plan to reach your dreams these 6 things might probably obstruct your way to success.

  • Lack of the required stationeries

A community http://academics.smcvt.edu/cbauer-ramazani/IEP/acad_skills/essay_questions.htm college teaches various subjects that require the student to have the required books. Even though many community colleges receive government funding, these colleges still lack enough finances to buy the needed stationeries. At times, the student has to share the textbooks to fill in for the deficits or they have to buy their copies to be able to catch up with their studies.

  • Lack of teaching staff

The basics of any learning institution are that it should contain teaching staff that is sufficient to cope with the needs of its learners. While this is true in private colleges and other colleges, community college does not have this privilege. You might find a situation where one teacher who is shouldering all sorts of lessons takes emergency leave. While this is sudden and not your fault you will be forced to miss several lessons till a substitute teacher arrives.

  • Lack of enough classrooms

Even though the government is trying so hard, the community college remains lacking in many aspects such as classrooms. Sometimes https://www.essaycapital.com/personal-statement/write-my-personal-statement you even lose a few minutes just while changing to the next classroom.

  • Poor learning environment

The windows of some community colleges are broken and not fixed. During a cold day, the student will feel cold and start dozing. Oh! The electric fan. It just won’t run and if it is working the creaking sound made by it is more than enough to distract you from your lesson.

  • Broken writing boards

Some teachers will project their work whereas others will dictate and write on the board. Lo unto you if almost all of your teachers are fast speakers and the board is broken.

  • Unmotivated teachers

Most teachers who teach at the community college have this mindset that whoever attends a community college is either a drop out who decided to make something out of his life, a rebellious boy, or a young lady who gave birth way too early. Truth be told, there are many talents at the community college. All you got to do is lend a hand and show them the path.

  • The absence of a library or a library with outdated resources

Reading is the foundation of success. Read, read, and read. But what do you do when the place where you are supposed to seek more enlightening materials is well outdated or not anywhere to be seen. Ask the community college student for this is what they face daily.

Remember that you can be whatever you want to be. Places do not make you, but you make the place.

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