The Significance of College Education


The Significance of College Education

How Necessary Is a College Education?

College education is a form of tertiary studies that focuses on higher learning. At this level, one specializes in their course of interest that leads them to their career. The UN International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights of 1996 stresses that higher education shall be made equally accessible to all, based on capacity, by every appropriate means, and in particular by the progressive introduction of free education.

In Africa, education began during colonization error and gradually essay writer website grew to higher education. Since World War II, many developing and already developed countries increased the age group rate of those participating in higher education. College education is necessary for every country as it helps grow of the country’s economy. It is also essential for the individual as it boosts the individual’s self- esteem and confidence. The society also benefits from higher education by its development through creative and innovative members of the community.

One scholar from the University of Oxford argued that cross-country differences in growth rate since the 1960s shows no correlation with either the initial level of higher education attained. However, as a country, higher education becomes beneficial by aiding in the growth of the economy. Students gain better skills to improve technology and infrastructure, which ultimately leads to the improvement of various sectors of the economy. With the growth of various sectors of the economy, there will be an increase in the country’s productivity. Higher learning is also associated with better job opportunities and better payments. High-income earners contribute more to TAX that the low-income earners (associated with low levels of education) given to the government that helps develop the country.

The society also benefits from college education by the alumni coming back to their respective schools or communities where they grew to support them. They do this by giving guidance and moral support to students in school, giving out gifts, and offering job opportunities to them. The scholars also gain self-esteem and confidence in themselves after the successful completion of their course. This feeling drives them to achieve more, not just in their area of study but also gives them the confidence to think broadly and achieve maximum outcomes. It equips them with paramountessays essential skills such as thinking, analyzing, exploring new ideas to enhance their creativity. With such skills, one can make use of the available local resources to transform them into useful resources that can help in capital investment and ultimately improving quality of life. Research has also proven to be beneficial in creating a better environment for the country. Through research, scientists have made discoveries on finding medications to certain diseases by managing them using diet. This has proven to be working and help in improving people’s quality of life.

Tertiary education is, therefore, vital in growing the nation as a whole, the community, and the individual learners. The working environment presents a competitive environment for individuals to stand out above the rest. People that have higher levels of education are regarded more productive and better in building society than their lower-level counterparts.

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